Why Do Women Hate On Each Other?

I’ve asked this question countless times and I have yet to find an answer to it. Here’s a scenario: You see a woman walking down the street. Her outfit is on point, she’s got her hair done, her nails are freshly manicured, and her walk is mean. This woman exhudes confidence and sex appeal. She knows she looks good and it shows in her strut. You know it too, but the first thing that comes out your mouth is, “(scoff) Oh she thinks she’s cute huh?” But why though? Because she happens to look better than you on this particular day? Or is it because her walk demands the attention of every single person she passes? Perhaps it’s because every man she walks past is showing her the type of attention you so DESPERATELY yearn for?

Insecurity is one hell of a thing, I tell you. It’s such an ugly characteristic to possess and it’s extremely easy to pick you insecure girls out in a line-up. It shows in the way you carry your self. It shows in the way you talk about yourself and in the way you speak to and about other people. What happened to “sisterhood”? If you introduce two men to each other, they’ll give each other a dap (or handshake), and are able to have a conversation with each other right off the bat, like they’ve known each other for years! Now if you introduce two women to each other, yeah they’ll smile and say hi, but the moment they lay eyes on each other, they’re already comparing and judging each other like they’re arch enemies! But they just met each other!! Wth! I’m not trying to compare women and men, but I see these things everyday!

The point that I’m trying to make is we as women need to learn to UPLIFT and EMPOWER one another. All this negativity swirling around is pointless and it’s destroying us little by little. You see a woman perfect eye makeup? Tell her! Hell, ask her what brand of eyeliner she uses! (Though some of you withhold info, which I don’t get. -_- She’s not asking you for the secret ingredient in Busch’s Baked Beans. She just wants to know where your ass got your damn eyeliner from! …But that’s another blog.) Anywho, there’s nothing wrong with complementing another woman. Not only will it make her feel good, but it will make you feel good as well. No, I’m serious. Try it. A little positivity goes a long way.

Peace & Love ♥
-That Virgo Chick