Sex and Friendship


Many people believe if you sleep with a friend, the friendship is ruined. I don’t think that is necessarily true, and I’m speaking from experience. Here’s my story…

I was friends with a guy for about a year before we ever got physical with each other. We were extremely close and had a lot of great memories together. One aftetnoon, I went over to his place to hang out. This was nothing new, as we hung out at each other’s houses quite often. That day, we watched tv, we played music, we talked, we cracked jokes.. the usual stuff. Long story short, one thing led to another and somehow we started kissing. And then the kissing turned into sex. (Yes it was good, but that’s besides the point! Lol) We spoke about it, and agreed that it wouldn’t happen again. It never did, and til this day, we are still friends.

Now, I know what you guys are thinking. You’re thinking to yourselves “Wasn’t it awkward afterward?” I can admit that it was a bit awkward the next fews days after. I was thinking to myself, how could I even look at him again? Or, what if everytime he sees me, he’s picturing my naked body? I definitely felt a bit of paranoia, but all of that quickly went away after we talked about it.

The point that I’m trying to make is as adults, we all make mistakes. We all make stupid decisions. Your friendship can only end, if you say it’s over and problems will only be resolved if there is action so don’t be afraid to talk things through!

Peace & Love,

-That Virgo Chick ♥