If I see another person post that “Sharkeisha” video, I’m going to scream! That video is downright disgusting! To see that little girl brutally beat up this child made me sooooooo angry! First of all, she hit that poor child when she least expected it, giving her NO CHANCE to defend herself. And then people (my own people at that) thought it was cool and funny to post it all over Instagram, Facebook and every other social media site they could think of. We have got to do better! Black people are always quick to say that the whites are racists etc. But look at how we treat our own people! We don’t even respect one another! But when someone of another race comes along and does the same exact things to us that we do to each other on a regular basis, we’re quick to pull the “race card.”

Look in the mirror. Are you setting a good example for your children? Your nieces and nephews? Cousins? Your brothers? Your sisters? Children imitate what they see; that’s how they learn. The next generation is a reflection of us today. #FoodForThought

I just HAD to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading.

Peace & Love,
That Virgo Chick ♥


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